Chili Biltong – 3-Pack

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3-Pack - 2oz Bags
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You’ll never want to run out of Boikey’s Chili Biltong—and with this convenient 3-pack, you’ll never have to! Let our chili flavor liven up your snack game.

Boikey’s Biltong is made with high-quality round roast cuts of USDA beef and naturally cured for a full week with red wine vinegar and spices. That means it takes 42 times longer to make biltong than normal beef jerky! And you can taste it.

When you bite into our biltong, you’ll note a deep flavor and complexity that isn’t possible with your regular jerky and its rapid heat curing process. Every slice of Boikey’s Chili Biltong is unbelievably tender and flavorful, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture that will have you polishing off each bag in no time.

This 3-pack contains three 2-oz. packs of Boikey’s Chili Biltong.

Healthier than jerkey, made with the finest freshest ingredients.

Beef, Red Wine vinegar, salt, spices, rosemary, dried vinegar, spice extracts.

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