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Chili Biltong

Wake your tastebuds up with Boikey’s Chili Biltong! Our chili flavor is here to liven up your snack game. Boikey’s Biltong is made with high-quality round roast cuts of USDA beef and naturally cured for a full week with red wine vinegar and spices. That means it takes 42 times longer to make biltong than normal beef jerky! And you can taste it.
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Healthier than jerkey, made with the finest freshest ingredients.

Beef, Red Wine vinegar, salt, spices, rosemary, dried vinegar, spice extracts.

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Bite-size adventure

From backseat lunchboxes to back-trail backpacks and soccer practices to ski slopes, bring Boikey’s along for the ride. Boikey's beef is the ideal snack to help you refuel. Any time, any place, Boikey’s has got your back!