Move Over Jerky Boikey’s Biltong Is Better!

Boikey’s Biltong is prepared the traditional South
African way. Our naturally cured, high quality beef is 
air dried, never cooked. The result? Unbelievably 
tender slices of perfectly seasoned meat.

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Healthier Food
That Doesn’t
Taste Like
Health Food

Protein rich, low carb, low fat, no sugar… Whether you’re hitting the trails, the road or the books, Boikey’s Biltong goes where you do.

What is Biltong?

Biltong is South Africa’s take on air dried meat. A traditional staple, it’s eaten on its own and used in a variety of dishes. Biltong recipes are passed down through generations, and each family has their own special spice blend. Now widely available, it’s South Africa’s best selling snack.

Boikey’s Biltong brought the terrific taste of authentic biltong home for you to enjoy. Crafted with artisanal care using all natural ingredients, it’s got everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Forget jerky. You’re gonna fall for Boikey’s Biltong.